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Great Beginnings caters to the needs of the children we serve. From our talented, caring staff to our nurturing facilities and our engaging curriculum. Call today to schedule your personal tour to see what we have in store for your child.

Great Beginnings Glendale Preschool Curriculum

 The staff at Glendale Great Beginnings provide a caring and compassionate learning environment. We help children develop a passion for learning, from lasting friendships to a place to develop the unique person that they are.

At Great Beginnings in Glendale, we have a curriculum that is designed to promote your child's spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social well being. These focal points are combined with the necessary playtime and rest. Our entire preschool program is designed to foster the development of your child.

Great Beginnings Glendale Preschool Curriculum Highlights

Our talented staff of teachers and teacher aids offer children weekly themed programs that are hands-on activities and games. Some of the highlights of our curriculum include:

Early Literacy – Your child will be exposed to more than just letters and sounds. We teach them skills that are important to reading and writing. This is accomplished with the use of creative activities and developmental appropriate worksheets. Your child will gain the skills for letter recognition, listening and asking questions, vocabulary, and phonics, in addition, they will develop pre-writing skills.

 Science – Through the use of creative and hands-on experiments, your child will gain an understanding of how the world around them works. Themed programs include:
  • Tools and Measurements
  • Transformation and Change
  • Senses
  • Health
  • Simple Machines
  • Backyard Science
  • The Human Body
  • Weather
History – In this preschool program, your child will get a basic introduction to American History. Topics will include Symbols of America, American Heroes, the 13 Colonies, plus many more.

Bible – Children will learn about the stories and the people in the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. The Bible will be taught with stories, fun games, crafts and many hands on activities.

At Great Beginnings of Glendale, we are proud of our staff. To learn more about the people who will be taking care of your children, please visit Great Beginnings of Glendale Staff.

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To have your child attend Great Beginnings of Glendale, please call us at 602-682-7020.  One of our courteous staff members would be more than glad to discuss the preschool opportunities that await your child at Great Beginnings of Glendale. You can also reach us with any questions about Great Beginnings of Glendale through our Contact Us page.

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