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About Great Beginnings Preschool

Make it a Great Beginning

At the start, children are the most impressionable. Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare understands the need for a nurturing environment as your children begin the journey of development within your family and within society. 

Our Mission Statement

To Love, Protect, Teach and Serve All Children

As We Honor Our Lord's Command

To Take The Good News

To The Whole World.


Dedicated to Service

Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare is built on a strong foundation of faith and community service. Founder, Bob Nedimyer began serving the spiritual needs of local teens and young adults as a youth pastor at a local church and then served the local community at large as a police officer. 

A New Beginning

Through his experiences, Bob Nedimyer developed a passion for shaping and positively impacting the development of young children. For Bob, the desire to nurture the development of children only grew greater when he became a parent himself. He applied that passion to their community with the establishment of Great Beginnings through the acquisition of his first daycare in 1990. Family-owned and operated, they are committed to making the most of your children's developmental stages, helping you mold them into well-rounded and socially-adjusted people.   

Our Commitment to You and Your Children 

The foundational life principles your children will learn in our care will positively and permanently impact the path of their young lives. As a result, we view our contribution to your children's development as a ministry. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care and age-appropriate learning environment with a careful focus on: 

  • teacher selection

  • education and

  • a healthy nurturing environment. 


Only at Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare will you find a group of individuals as dedicated to your children's development as you are. To schedule a tour of the nurturing environment we can provide to your children,

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