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Our Mission:

                        To Love, Protect, Teach, and Serve All Children

                         As We Honor Our Lord's Command 
                         To Take The Good News To The Whole World 


Core Ideology 

        Core Values: 

  • The Bible as the inspired and inerrant Word of God

  • Prayer as essential to achieve the mundane as well as the extraordinary

  • Unequivocal commitment to excellence in recruiting, training and equipping Christian women and men to teach our children

  • Relentless commitment to the health, safety, welfare and Christian education of all children

  • Commitment to work exclusively with and in support of the local church

  • Corporate responsibility to stewardship of all resources and to financial support of the local church        


Core Purpose: To effectively teach God’s Word to children until the day of His eminent return. 

  1. Church Partnership Introduction

  2. History and Leadership

  3. Our Doctrinal Statement

  4. Our Mission and Core Ideology

  5. Church Partnership Program

  6. Preschool Facility Requirements

  7. Church Partnership Benefits 

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