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Welcome Friends In Christ, 

You are viewing the “Church Partners” page of our website because you are looking for a way to better enrich the lives of your congregation's children and the children within your community. Let me, if I may, give you a brief introduction to our ministry and to our church partnership program. 

Great Beginnings began in 1990 with the vision of reaching young children with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the field of early childhood education and care, there were many choices at that time. Few however, other than the local church, were teaching and shaping the hearts and minds of our youngest children with a Christian world-view. 

Over the past two decades the licensing requirements, liability concerns and the level of regulatory oversight have made it impractical for most churches to continue their church operated preschool programs. Many churches who remained committed to this challenge were faced with the additional challenge of operating their preschools profitably, and so over time, as budgets tightened, early childhood education began to disappear from the menu of services offered. 

In 2000, our ministry was contacted by local church administrators who had a vision for reaching children, but who encountered the many obstacles of opening and operating a church-based school. They called us and asked us to consider bringing our ministry along side of theirs to reach the children in their community. That became our first (unintentional) partnership and from that our Church Partnership program was born. 

Since then, we have been honored and blessed to form partnerships with a number of local churches in Glendale, Peoria and Goodyear and currently have made commitments for partnerships with several other churches in neighboring communities. 

Today our passion and sense of urgency to carry His gospel to children is greater than ever before. Perhaps your church would like to consider further the possibility of what a partnership program with Great Beginnings looks like. The information that follows will help you understand more about us and determine if a partnership might be right for your local church. 

Warmest Regards In Christ,   
Robert Nedimyer (founder)

Rachel Ryan

  1. Church Partnership Introduction

  2. History and Leadership

  3. Our Doctrinal Statement

  4. Our Mission and Core Ideology

  5. Church Partnership Program

  6. Preschool Facility Requirements

  7. Church Partnership Benefits 

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