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Our children are tomorrow's leaders and decision-makers. Is your ministry doing all it can to ensure that the value of God's Word is delivered to the next generation?

Showing children the importance of a relationship with Christ during early child development sets the course for how children will interact with their environment and the challenges that life presents. 

With a preschool on your church campus, God's teachings can reach your church community's children everyday of the week – not just on the traditional days of worship. 

A preschool ministry at your church will not only reinforce the teachings of the Bible all week long, it can also create a lifeline for the children in your community with summer programs and childcare. 

A church-based preschool generates revenue to support its good work. 

While many valuable church programs rely on the support of tithing and gift-giving congregants, a preschool can grow to support itself and provide another channel with which to share God's love. Not just a faith-based daycare, a Great Beginnings preschool will nurture and develop your child's spiritual, intellectual and physical aptitude. 

To discover what it takes to establish a Great Beginnings Preschool on your church campus, see the links below: 

  1. Church Partnership Introduction

  2. History and Leadership

  3. Our Doctrinal Statement

  4. Our Mission and Core Ideology

  5. Church Partnership Program

  6. Preschool Facility Requirements

  7. Church Partnership Benefits 

If you have any questions about the program or would like to get started planning your church preschool, please contact us by going to our "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page.  

Children must be cared for while their parents are working, this is an excellent time to minister to tomorrow's adults today with the Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare Partnership program.

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