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Chemical Free Zone. Our schools are chemical free zones! Completely organic. Completely safe. Great Beginnings Preschool.

Chemical Free Schools

Harsh chemicals such as bleach aren't the only option when it comes to cleaning a classroom. At Great Beginnings Preschools we take pride in the fact that our schools are “chemical free” zones. We use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in combination with organic cleansers in all our of schools.


Along with our organic way of cleaning our classrooms we also diffuse many delightfully scented oils in our classroom diffusers. The benefits of diffusing oils in our schools are many.


100% Therapeutic oils aromatize our classrooms with many scents such as lavender and peppermint. Other benefits are that many types of essential oils ward off illness by killing germs in the air. This is particularly important during those nasty cold and flu seasons. When oils are diffused in the classroom it can improve cognitive function, relieve headaches, stress and can overall create a sense of calm in a classroom.


For more information on the benefits of essential oils and for some healthier options for cleaning products in your home you can visit

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