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Great Beginnings Programs

Preschool should be a place where children develop a passion for learning, form lasting friendships, and are loved for being the unique person God made them to be. We know our programs support this philosophy and it is our desire to give your child a...“Great Beginning.”

While playtime and nap time are important to your child's daily routine, at Great Beginnings we've designed a curriculum that nurtures your child intellectually and spiritually. We serve children from infancy through grade school. 


At Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare, we provide the following: 

  • Summer programs (May – August)

  • Academic programs (Sept. – Dec. and Jan. - May)

  • Toddler programs

Please check the following location pages for specific program offerings and pricing at each location. 


Educational Curriculum:

With academic teaching materials and artistic projects from Creative Pre-K Press, our teachers provide a balanced, developmentally appropriate learning plan that encompasses the following: 

  • alphabet and number recognition,

  • mathematical skills,

  • phonics and reading,

  • social development,

  • physical development and

  • science plus

  • music and art. 

The Components of a Creative Pre-K Learning Curriculum:

Your child will benefit from the learning structure established by Creative Pre-K, a daily lesson plan our preschool teachers use to implement a creative, hands-on, children-centered learning environment based on weekly themes and focused on specific daily experiences. 

The following daily activities as prescribed by Creative Pre-K: Preschool Lesson Plans for Hands-on, Creative Teachers will make the most of your child's creative and intellectual development: 

Circle Time – a time where children sit together and participate in activities related to the weekly themes including educational songs, finger puppet plays, stories illustrated by flannel board stories and games designed to spur creativity and enhance their imagination. 

Messy Table – a designated table where children can explore the world around them. From experiencing the different textures of shaving cream and sandpaper or finding the result of mixing colors together, the messy table encourages experimentation and curiosity. 

Cut & Color Table – a table with activities designed to strengthen small muscles for writing and builds your child's left to right eye and hand to eye coordination. 

Creative Art – open-ended projects like painting and picture collages encourage the imagination. 

Outside Games and Activities – no child should be cooped up indoors all day. Outdoor activities help children explore the wonders of nature and enjoy the benefits of structured physical play. 


Spiritual Curriculum: 

Investing in the early spiritual development of your child builds excellent coping skills and establishes the following: 

  • self-esteem,

  • self-awareness and

  • a sense of faith. 

These principles are the basis for the tools your child will use to manage life's numerous challenges for many years to come. 

The A Beka Book® Learning Standard 

While our spiritual philosophy is non-denominational – not based on the prescribed tenants of any one specific religion, this aspect of our curriculum is developed with the help of value-rich text from A Beka Book®, which involves the study of: 

  • Bible stories,

  • scripture memorization,

  • Bible songs and

  • subject-based worksheets with wholesome and biblical themes. 

A Beka expands the traditional concepts of math, science, language arts, health, history and reading to include a spiritual and biblical emphasis that illustrates the academic concepts that compliment fundamental values you are instilling in your children. 

The environment in which learning takes place is also important to the development of your child. 

At Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare, your child will feel secure and flourish in the atmosphere of safety, supervision, cooperation, sharing, respect, honesty and positive reinforcement practiced at each one of our preschool locations. 

Behavioral correction is part of your child's learning process. At Great Beginnings, we believe discipline does not have to be traumatic. Inappropriate behavior is addressed with loving yet firm practices such as time-outs or loss of privileges. Just as negative behavior should be addressed, we will also reward and praise your children when they do something positive or show improvement. 

We are sure you will agree that our methods will assist you in preparing your children for the responsibilities and goals they will undertake to lead happy, fulfilling lives. From one generation to the next, these life-sustaining principles are the greatest gift you can give your child. 


For pricing and to schedule a tour of a facility near you, select the Our Locations button below. When you arrive, you'll witness the positive impact our teachers and our curriculum have on the development of our students.

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